1972: Bebatik delivered Brunei’s first LNG cargo to Osaka gas at its Senboku Terminal.

1973: Bebatik delivered first LNG cargo to Tokyo Gas at its Negishi Terminal.
Bebatik delivered LNG to Tokyo Gas’s Sodegaura Terminal.
1980: Bebatik made its 1000th LNG delivery to Tokyo Gas, Sodegaura.
1986:Brunei Shell Tankers Sdn Bhd established.
 BST acquired 6 LNG vessels and collectively these vessels together with Bebatik were named the B-Class vessels following the names given to them; the Bekalang, Bekulan, Belais, Belanak, Bilis and Bubuk. The B-Class vessels were chartered to BLNG for the delivery of its cargo to their clients in Japan.
1987: Bekulan delivered BLNG’s 2000th cargo to Tokyo Gas at Sodegaura.
1993:Bebatik delivered BLNG’s 3000th cargo to Tokyo Gas at Sodeguara.
 Bubuk’s delivery marked the 100 millionth tonne of Brunei LNG delivered to the Negishi Terminal.
1994: The first LNG cargo delivered to Korea Gas Corporation at its Pyeong Taek Terminal.
1997: The B Class vessels collectively have delivered 5.6 million tonnes of LNG to Japan.
1998:Brunei Gas Carriers Sdn Bhd established.
2000: BST embarks on a sponsored program for 13 Marine Cadets to undergo merchant navy training in the UK for cargo vessels particularly LNG vessels.
2002:BST began recruitment of local Marine Ratings.
Bekulan successfully carried out the Suez Canal transit for the BLNG Barcelona delivery.
 Abadi was delivered to BGC and made its first LNG delivery in the same year.
2003:Warsash Maritime Academy awards one of our Bruneian Marine Cadets with the Best National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Portfolio Award
 The first group of Marine Cadets successfully completed their training and assumed their respective roles as Deck, Engine and Electrical Officers onboard the Brunei LNG Fleet.
2004:BST employed 30 Marine Officers and 117 Marine Ratings.
2005:Bebatik is awarded with the highest classification of the Continuous Assessment Programme (CAP1) rating for Cargo, Machinery and Plant Equipment.
 Belais awarded with the CAP1 rating for its machinery and cargo systems.
 BGC became a service provider to BST for services in Management, HR, Corporate & Legal, Finance and Administration.
 Bilis delivered BLNG’s 5000th cargo to the Negishi Terminal.
 One of our Marine Cadets was awarded the Best NVQ Portfolio Award by Warsash Maritime Academy.
 Bilis is the first of the B-Class vessels to be issued with the Lloyd’s Register Environment Notation Certification and the ‘Green Passport’.
2006:Abadi, Bebatik, Bekalang, Bekulan, Belanak, Belais and Bubuk are awarded with the CAP1 rating for their machinery and cargo systems.
 All Third Officer and Fourth Engineer positions onboard all 8 vessels were fully manned by Bruneians.
 BGC took over the manning of Bruneian Third Officers and Fourth Engineers for the Brunei Fleet.
 Abadi became the first Bruneian vessel to be fully manned by Bruneian Marine Ratings.
2007: All Second Officer and Third Engineer positions on four of the LNG vessels are manned by Bruneians.
 Warsash Maritime Academy awards one of our Marine Cadets with the Best NVQ Portfolio Award.
 Bilis delivered BLNG’s 6oooth cargo to Sodegaura Terminal.
 5 of the 8 vessels are fully manned by Bruneian Ratings.
2008:All Second Officer and Third Engineer positions on all 8 vessels are manned by Bruneians.
 Shamsul bin Haji Othman is the first Bruneian to join the Senior Management Team onboard with his promotion to Second Engineer for the Brunei LNG Fleet.
 One of our Marine Cadets is awarded with the Best Engineering Cadet Award.
2009: Belanak delivered BLNG’s 100 millionth tonnes of cargo to Tokyo Electric’s Futtsu Terminal.
 BGC with its conglomerates Standard Chartered Bank, Fortis Bank, Société Générale and Brunei Investment & Commercial Bank (BICB) were awarded the Jane’s Transport 2008 Finance Award for Shipping Debt Deal of the Year in South East Asia.
 BGC, Standard Chartered Bank, Fortis Bank, Société Générale and Brunei Investment & Commercial Bank (BICB) were awarded with The Asset Triple A Awards 2009 on Best Structured Islamic Financing and Most Innovative Islamic Finance Deals for its pioneering financing facility aligned with Brunei Darussalam’s aim of promoting a Syariah based financing compliance.
 BGC manages the manning of Bruneian Second Officers and Third Engineers onboard the Brunei Fleet.
 Abdul Mateen Abdurrahman Liew becomes Brunei’s first Chief Officer for the Brunei LNG Fleet.
 BST seafarers consist of 778 Marine Officers, 12 Administration Officers and 207 Marine Ratings.
 BGC awarded with the responsibility of employing seafarers for the Brunei LNG Fleet.
2010: BGC achieved the best record on performance with 1 in-Port incident every 13.6 discharges.
 Bebatik achieved an internationally record breaking 8 years of TRC Free Operations within the Oil & Gas Industry
2011:Arkat and Amali delivered to BGC and soon after delivered their first LNG cargoes.
 Belais made their final deliveries before being recycled.
 Bebatik achieves 9 years TRC Free Operations.
2012:BGC secures financing agreement with Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD), Mitsubishi UF J Financial Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation for both its 4th and 5th newbuilt LNG vessels.
 By End 2012, there are 106 local Marine Officers and 167 local Marine Ratings employed for work onboard the Brunei LNG Fleet.
2013;In 2013, Brunei Gas Carriers produced its 1st Master/Captain and 2 Chief Engineers
2014In March 2014, Brunei Gas Carriers has achieved ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification.
2014 1st December 2014, Brunei Gas Carriers made a remarkable moment where BGC new 'A' class vessel named Amani was delivered from Hyundai Heavy Industry .
2015 27th July 2015, Amadi did her first cargo loading at Brunei LNG after 18th months of construction at HHI (South Korea).