Life at Sea

Onboard Organization

onboard orgchart

Work Patterns

The normal lengths of sea time (i.e. duration of stay to work/train onboard a vessel) are dependent on the ranks:

  • Marine Officer: Two (2) months and fourteen(14) days – Four (4) months and fourteen (14) days
  • Marine Ratings: Two (2)) months and fourteen (14) days
  • Marine Cadets: Four (4) months and fourteen (14) days

After having served onboard the appointed vessel, the Marine personnel are entitled to period of leave which differs in the below listed ranks:

  • Senior Marine Officers: Twenty-eight (28) days of leave per month served onboard
  • Junior Marine Officers: Eighteen (18) days of leave per month served onboard
  • Ratings: Ten (10) days of leave per month served onboard

Sailing Times

It takes approximately six (6) days of travel each way between Brunei and Japan or South Korea with at least a 24 hour standby time at each terminal to allow for the loading and discharging cargo operations. The standby time may be adjusted according to any operational events that may occur.

Weather & Sea Conditions

The weather conditions whilst at sea are highly dependent on the seasons of the en route countries. Vessels would travel through a variety of weather and sea conditions; from sunny and calm to wintery to rainstorms at sea.

Contrary to popular belief, the vessels will not overturn but instead go through a state of ‘rolling’; i.e. the action of the vessel rocking and swaying from side to side. Side effect for the faint-hearted: sea sickness! This feeling does subside after a while and one tends to form immunity against it over time.

Legislations and the Onboard Rules & Regulations

All Marine personnel are to abide by the Flag State Legislation in force at that time and, the rules and regulations as implemented onboard the vessel by the Company, its Business Associates and the appointed Ship Manager.

Facilities Onboard

  • HALAL certified meals
  • Individual / shared cabin
  • Self-service laundry
  • Bond store; i.e. mini store selling items such as toiletries and snacks
  • Communication facilities such as Internet services, phone and mail
  • Surau
  • Officer’s Mess (Dining area)
  • Officer’s Lounge; includes TV, video/DVD player
  • Crew’s Mess (Dining area)
  • Crew’s Lounge; includes TV, video/DVD player
  • Games Room; normally with Table Tennis
  • Gymnasium
  • Medical & Emergency facilities